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Skala Polichnitou, 81300, Lesvos Island, Greece

Lesvos Island

Lesvos Island

Lesvos is a beautiful and tranquil island situated in the North Eastern Aegean sea. With its warm Mediterranean climate, rural agriculture, traditional customs and local handcrafted products, Lesvos exudes the finest elements of Greece. Known to the Greeks as the Garden of the Aegean, Lesvos has preserved its image and stays unaffected by mass tourism.

Unlike many Aegean Islands, Lesvos is extremely diverse and seems more like a country within an island. It is the third largest of the Greek islands (70x 40 km) boasting 370 km of coastline, with two large gulfs, Gera and Kalloni. Lesvos offers a stunning variety of beaches and sea resorts with a spectacular backdrop of low mountains, olive grove clad hills and extensive pine forests to capture the imagination.

Located 180 miles from Athens and about 10 miles from the coast of Asia Minor, Lesvos has become a major travel hub for those exploring the far flung Eastern Aegean. There are regular ferry crossings to Greece’s major ports (Athens/Pireaus, Thessaloniki and Kavala) as well as numerous Greek islands and Turkish ports.

A good road system links the towns of Lesvos and the island’s many attractions. Mytilene is the main town of Lesvos and also the administrative center for the North East Aegean Prefecture and Seat of the Aegean University. With its’ quirky architecture, Mytiline is a charming and bustling port town that offers everything you need for day to day living. The name Mytiline is used interchangeably with Lesvos and is associated with a rich history of arts, culture and civilization dating from antiquity through to modern Greece.

We are based in Polichnitos, a traditional village with graceful stone houses, located some 40 km to the west of Mytilene. The region of Polichnitos borders the Kalloni Gulf and is surrounded by clear waters of the Aegean. Since Polichnitos is the hub for several smaller villages in this predominantly rural area, it has good amenities to offer. Although the area is predominantly given over to olive cultivation and fishing, there are well established beach resorts at Vatera, Nyfida and Skala. Not far from the centre of Polichnitos there is a small spa offering high quality therapeutic waters which are reported to be amongst the hottest sourced in Europe.

Getting to the island is simple and convenient. In addition to the many ferry routes to the island, Mytilene also hosts one Greece’s 14 regional, international airports. The airport connects Lesvos with numerous European cities and provides daily flights to Athens and Thessaloniki. For more local travel, there are flights to many other Aegean islands (Crete, Rhodes, Lemnos, Cyprus etc).

This all combines to make Lesvos one of the best choices for a retirement or holiday home. Why not come and find your place on the beloved island of Sappho and the Muses.