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Skala Polichnitou, 81300, Lesvos Island, Greece

Agios Focas, For sale 6816m2 seafront plot overlooking the Aegean

59,000 €


Agios Focas, Vatera, Polichntios. For sale one of the best sea-view plots (6816m2) in the Aegean.

Ref. Agliki Kokkino

There are places which encompass so much beauty that they defy basic description. One such place is this 6816m2 plot 4km North West of Agios Focas, which is perched magnificently over the turquoise blue Aegean and exceeds all expectations of a sea-view. Poised majestically above the boundless azure, the islands of Chios and Psara complete the endless beauty of the spectacular vista.

This amazing piece of land is located in the South West of Lesvos, a secluded paradise within a landscape that has been sculptured by centuries of olive cultivation. The area is serviced by a good agricultural road network and can be accessed from Vatera (5km), Vrissa (6km) and Polichnitos (8km). A branch road descends down and cuts the land in to two plots.

The higher plot is crowned by a rocky outcrop which offers an eagle eye view over the surroundings and vast expanse of sea. On the lower side, a second plot comprises a series of terraces. These are planted with 67 age-old olive trees which descend gently to a plateau on top of an escarpment that tumbles down to an exquisite cove, adorned with its own beach. Bordering the South Eastern extent of the plot a gully runs down to the sea, offering the potential of linking the plot to the cove.

Building permission can be granted on this plot and the topography allows several options to construct a 250m2 villa. Enjoy a glass of ouzo on your terrace while you admire the amazing colours of the sun setting on the Aegean sea, right in front of you. The nearest link into the electricity grid is within 1 km however, the size of the plot would allow for a sizeable photovoltaic installation. The closest access point to the public water network is 2-3km away, however natural water extraction or tapping into the agricultural water networks, could be viable alternatives.

The nearest public beach is at Vatera (6km) which is well known for being the longest beach on Lesvos and one of the longest of all the Aegean islands. The resort is well provided with shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots, without being too crowded or over developed. From Vatera, stunning views overlook the neighbouring islands and parts of the Turkish coastline.  Moreover, there are many areas of natural beauty and historical interest nearby. Polichnitos is the nearest main town, with most shops and many other facilities. Mytiline city and the international airport are just over a one hour drive away.




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  • Published: September 5, 2021
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