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Large House for Sale in Agiasos

32,500 €


Two terrace houses for sale in Agiasos. Ref – AG. SKALLARI.

Offered at a bargain price, these partially joined terrace houses are located near to the higher end of Agiasos on a quiet side street.  Built in the early 19th Century using local hewn marble blocks and raw stone, the two structurally solid houses require full renovation and modernization.

Few people come to Lesvos without visiting the charming and iconic mountain village of Agiasos. Most marvel at the fabulous stone houses as they wonder around its cobbled streets and become spell bound by its rich heritage and unique culture. Having always been an important religious site, craft center and tourist attraction, many are being drawn here to bring the old houses back to life and preserve the unique character of the village.

The two houses currently on offer are typical of Agiasos, reflecting the lifestyle of a bygone time. On the ground floor, much of the space used to be devoted to stabling, storing agricultural products, food preservation and simple home crafts. One of the houses still has the huge earthenware vessels, used for storing wine or olives, embedded in the floor. The other house is more conventional, with the ground floor comprising an entrance hall and a reception room. Furthermore, both ground floors include extensive storage areas and one includes a cellar. The overall internal size of each ground floor is approximately 50 m2 (not including the cellar).

Upstairs, the first floors have been joined together by placing a doorway through the separating wall.  Consequently there is an interesting layout of two connected landings giving way to three bedrooms and a sitting room. The approximate size of each of the four rooms is 3m x 4m and both front rooms have small balconies accessed through window-doors. From these balconies you get some stunning views over Agiasos and the forested slopes of mount Olymbos. Furthermore, there is also a balcony at the back of the houses overhanging a small yard.

Still preserved within the twin houses are many antique architectural features which are unique to this area. These include several artistic plaster moldings (fire surrounds, an iconostasis, candle shelves, wall motifs, etc.) Furthermore, bespoke built in furniture has literally been built into rebates within the 60cm thick stone walls.

At the back of one of the houses there is set of partly covered steps, and a walkway gives access to a former orchard. This orchard spreads out over three terraces and is typical of how fruit was grown here in the past. Some of these can still be found cultivated, around the edges of Agiassos and are known locally as ‘Pezoulies’.

Although this former fruit garden no longer forms part of the property, the current owner is willing sell them along with the house sale. Very few houses within Agiasos have much in the way of courtyards or open spaces. This would be a very rare chance to acquire a house in Agiasos town with a large garden.

Being located at the top end of Agiasos and only 7 minutes walk from the picturesque town square this property is located in one of the best parts of Agiasos. A couple of minutes walk to the edge of town, takes you to the higher cafes with unparalleled views and a selection of bespoke eateries. Not much further on, you arrive the area’s famous chestnut forest whose delicious fruits are enjoyed and celebrated every November.

The property has previously been connected to both water and electricity. Furthermore to prevent deterioration the owner has completely refurbished the roof, replacing the roof tiles, timbers and installing waterproof membrane. Internally, the wooden components of the structure, being mostly made from local chestnut, have remained in good condition. It is unlikely that the windows and shutters could be retained. However, the classic and much sought after antique front doors, also manufactured from local chestnut wood, are very worthy of restoration.

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  • Published: December 15, 2020
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